Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You and Whose Biography?

Further to the continued effort to profit from the alt-rock cash cow that is Radiohead, The Independent Music Press has today announced that an unofficial Thom Yorke biography is to be published. The venerable author has previously penned such classics as Steve Irwin: The Incredible Life of the Crocodile Hunter and the companion novella to reality t.v romp I'm A Celebrity...a writer from good stock.

Quite what the opinion of the big man himself will be remains to be seen, following the continued effort of Radiohead to peddle their altruistic credentials (See: the In Rainbows pay-as-you-please release). No doubt the book will feature heavy rhetoric and vague tales of Thom's troubled upbringing from the perspective of someone completely detached from the band - and more equipped for writing Kylie's seminal biography
Kylie Fever.

Thom Yorke: Radiohead & Trading Solo will be available from all bad bookshops from 26th February - or head over to DrownedInSound to try and win yourself a copy if you so please. For now, let us hope that such literary sacrilege triggers Thom to respond in kind with an insight of his own...perhaps going someway towards explaining this behavior.

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